Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NewTek and the Video Toaster

Hey everyone.

Zach here. Just got back from San Antonio, TX, where we interviewed Tim Jenison, the creator of the Video Toaster, and the current NewTek CEO, Jim Plant.

I told myself I was done doing interviews, but I couldn't turn this one down. Simply stated:

Tim Jenison is a Video God. And he played a huge role in creating the field of desktop video production.

And it all started on the Amiga.

Most of you all know about this, but in case you don't:

So yeah, both guys gave great interviews, we got coverage of their facilities and we also got access to some great archival imagery related to the Amiga and Video Toaster. I even got to drink a little whiskey and talk video and technology with Tim. He is just one hell of a fascinating guy.

This is a big deal. Really.

More to come. Thanks again for your support. The editing is still moving along well and the 3D modelers and musicians are hard at work too.


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