Monday, October 15, 2012

Alright folks, here's the deal. I'm working my ass off over here.

Me working with the Andy Finkel footage. 

Me at the new and improved home edit suite. Two edit systems now. 

Here's what's been happening! 

I've been able to get a good amount of editing done on the story cut, but I found that working a very demanding job was sucking away all my free time. And also, all my down time was wasted at work too: I could have been doing more editing during the day, but understandably, my boss wasn't keen on me editing my film at work.

So I did something I have been dreaming of doing forever.

I broke free and am doing my own production company full time.

Please check it out and tell your friends. We are open for business.

I got a great client already and am already making great videos for them...all out of my home office. And I've got WAY more time for the film! This is the spirit of the Amiga as I always saw it. Just doing it yourself, right?

I am reenergized and excited about the film like never before! My creativity is at a peak now!

So we will be on track. I promised story edit this fall. It'll be there in about 6 weeks. And yeah, finished film late next year.

Stay tuned everyone. Thanks again for the support.


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