Sunday, April 15, 2012

Viva Amiga in Europe!

Hello my fellow Amigans...

Alright, I've gotten the message. You all want me to blog more. I know, I know. Look, I promise I'm working hard, and I'm the type of guy who doesn't say much unless he has something to say. Well, I certainly do now! To make up for lack of bloggification, check this big entry! I promise to be better at this in the future!

So, finally the time for the Eurotrip came...and went. It was all a whirlwind of beautiful sights, warm and friendly people and shooting, shooting, shooting! Let's take a look at the pics we managed to snap in between shoots in Frankfurt, Zoetermeer, and Saarbrucken. Forgive me for not including the umlauts.

Here's my friend and travel partner Marvin Droogsma with his souped-up Volvo. First of all, Marvin is one of the most incredibly cool guys I've ever met. This man totally made my trip possible. Some people offer help in the form of pointers or advice. All well and good, but when you're in unfamiliar territory, you need men of action on your side. This guy really took charge and made things happen for me, so I could focus on the film instead of the travel details. Second, this guy really knows how to drive. It was pedal to the metal all the way to Frankfurt, and Petro lives right outside of it. 
Representing Amiga while we drive.
 We had stopped in Essen along the way to Frankfurt to give us a rest point and make some calls.
 Curry Karl! It's really funny. Marvin kept trying to push McDonald's and Subway on me, thinking I wouldn't be too fond of more local favorites. Screw that, I'm having currywurst. I'm in Germany!
Mmm. Sausage and curry. Two great tastes that taste great together.
Petro's Place! We interviewed him first. Went well, and we got to meet a man who really tried to keep the Amiga going long after Commodore had called it quits. Petro was just like I expected...warm, personable and very eager to help us. Great interview, Petro! 
 Getting some footage of Petro, Patric Kloter, and Petro's awesome gallery of Amiga memorabilia.
We got some great stuff here. 
 Petro took us out to eat at a kick-ass Italian place after the shoot.
Amigans updating their statuses and whatnot. 
Woohoo! Hotel party in Frankfurt! Shame it's just two geeks in a room. This room kicked serious ass though. It was wired for all kinds of stuff with two big monitors. 
The Dormero. Great hotel. I recommend it next time you're in Frankfurt. The breakfast buffet is spectacular. I'll take a German breakfast over an American one any day. Yeah, I said it. Deli meats and cucumbers in the A.M. Why not? 
Me grabbing some footage of the lovely German countryside. Uh yeah, this is one heck of a beautiful country. No wonder Germans are so proud of it. 
Hold up, wait a minute! I totally somehow forgot that my great friend Hannah lives in Koln. Marvin and I were driving by and I thought, heck, let's give her a call and stop by since we have an extra minute. 
And after an hour or so, we decided to just ask her along for the journey. Two is hardly a film crew, but is sufficient for this type of shoot. Three is much better. She came along to help! 
 Train station in Amsterdam. We went and checked the scene downtown.

 A Dam fine city.
Amiga Party in Zoetermeer! We had a nice turnout. Here's everyone just chillin' before the presentations. 
 Me in another room grabbing an interview with a really talented and interesting Dutch TV producer. This guy worked on "Lingo" and other shows. Who knew "Lingo" was Dutch? And Amigas were used? His interview was phenomenal. 
Lining up shots. We did about eight interviews here, including one with the creators of "Purno de Purno". A very weird and awesome and totally politically incorrect Dutch animated TV show. Expect to be a little dazed and amazed with their interview. They used Amigas. Google it. 
 The Purno de Purno guys. 
RJ Mical watching. 
 People hanging with RJ and generally enjoying the get-together.

 After the shoots and presentations, we all sat down for some burgers, krokets (mmm) and fries. 
Marvin and the rest of the gang. 

More to come. I didn't get a lot of still pics at the Revision party in Saarbrucken. Gonna get to grabbing some stills off the footage this week.

Stay tuned, Amigans! This Euro shoot took the film from great to awesome. Oh my God, I am so excited now. Thanks again to all my donators! It's all because of you! 



  1. Looks like everyone had a damn good time! Wish that I was there, cant wait to see the documentary! All the best wishes from Serbia!

  2. Patrick Klöter is the guy that is at Petro's house, he writes a book with him. Paul Koster is the guy that did a great job organiing the party in Zoetermeer. Oh, and way to much honor towards me! Just did my job and you and Hannah were great company! This movie is going to be the best!

  3. Are you planning to interview the guy, who is running the "Vesalia"-store in Wesel? His name is Guido Does. I think that is a must-have for a documentary about the Amiga today! Contact:

  4. Thanks to Marvin and the rest of the Amigans involved/helping with this video. proud to be a backer!

  5. Did you talk to RJ about what new thing he is working on now? -Anthony

  6. @andré We tried, but unfortunately Guido and Gerda Does no longer have a 'real' store and they didn't think they had a good/positive story to tell us, so they declined. Fine people though, with a real Amiga heart! They will help in distributing the DVD in Germany.

  7. Looks like you guys had a great time! You already know I would have done (almost) anything to be there. But the way I see it the history of the Amiga is far from over and We are writing the next chapter right now!

    Viva Amiga!

  8. Zach... thanks for this project... I enjoyed a lot meeting Amiga fans... nice meeting!

  9. I'm really looking forward to this documentary :)