Saturday, October 1, 2011

Glenn Keller Interview shot!

LIttle things I learned from Glenn: 

The original team got through a whole day of demoing a prototype - with a missing wire. The machine should NOT have worked. 

He never got too into video games...he said he got burned out on them after playing too much "Adventure" on a PDP-11. 

All CCDs used in digital cameras have bad pixels. Software tells the video device to ignore the bad ones and compensate. (never knew!)

The chips are NOT named after the designers' girlfriends or wives. Jay Miner named them all. 

He was amazed to find out people are making new computers called "Amiga". 

I shouldn't feel bad that some videos I spend months creating don't end being used for anything at my job. He's designed WHOLE CHIPS that don't get to market, like most chip engineers. :) 

I got to see original diagrams for all the A1000 chips. Got shots and Glenn explained them. 

Those are just some tidbits. I'll leave the main stuff for the film. We had a beer afterwards. He's just an awesomely intelligent and nice guy.


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  1. Awesome! Wonderful to hear about progress.