Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dear Diary

Well, what can I say?  It was an interesting night.  There I was, painting my sweet picture of a Porsche and composing a song made up exclusively of my armpit farts when this giant meat-head bust down my door and came right into my room.  I wasn't particularly scared as my parents often selected my babysitters by going down to the gas station and asking the first transient they ran into.  

I returned to playing my video game and I think that this stranger in my room started to experience post-traumatic stress disorder and began to sweat profusely and become jittery.  Then the weirdest thing happened - he disintegrated!!  Yeah, I know, crazy shit.

When my parents got home they had mixed emotions - angry that I was all alone for the whole night, but happy they didn't have to pay a babysitter.  

And if you don't believe me, our security camera system at our house captured the whole thing:

Ross Herosian was the proud inheritor of Zach Weddington's original Commodore 64.  He's involved with "Viva Amiga" because it's about computers and because Zach was always cool to him (even when Ross was husky).  By day, Ross works at SiriusXM Radio.  By night, well, that's none of your business.  
You can find him online at 

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